Okada Manila Takes Us On A Food Trip Around The World

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(@thefoodadvenchers) If there is one holiday that is truly special in every Filipino’s hearts, that holiday would be Christmas. Being the festive folks that we are, we think and come up with numerous ways on how we can celebrate this joyous season.

For most of us, we love spending it at the confines of our homes while others prefer to travel. Sometimes though, planning a trip with a big family is a whole new level of crazy! 

Good thing though, Okada Manila is here to give your family the same international dining experience you might be craving for this Christmas. But the good news does not stop there. With the numerous restaurants offering different cuisines from various parts of the globe, you and your family are in for an international gastronomic culinary experience.

Here are the ten restaurants in Okada Manila to choose from:

  1.  Yu Lei
    Destination: Shanghai, China

Yu Lei
Image from Okada Manila

Is your family a fan of deep-fried king prawns, peking duck, wagyu fillet? Then, run over to Yu Lei to enjoy Chinese cuisines care of Michelin-starred Chef Mikiya Imagawa! They promise nothing but the best Chinese dishes to satisfy your discerning palates.

  1. La Piazza Ristorante Italiano
    Destination: Naples, Italy

La Piazza Ristorante Italiano
Image from Okada Manila

Experience la dolce vita this Yuletide season with La Piazza Ristorante’s three-course holiday dinners topped with free-flowing wine. Fill your craving tummies with braised beef cheek with semolina fries and mushrooms as your main dish for Christmas. On New Year, feast on roasted cod fillet with tomato, pancetta concasse, pumpkin mush, and red wine sauce. Delicioso!

  1. Enbu
    Destination: Shibuya, Japan

Image from Okada Manila

If Japanese food is what your family craves, then head on to Enbu. Starting December 15 to January 5, the restaurant offers a variety of Japanese faves such as wagyu, squid, chicken teriyaki and salmon foil-yaki. If your appetite still allows it, you may opt to add an authentic sashimi and sushi platter filled with tuna, toro, salmon, Japanese salmon, tanigue, white fish, spicy tuna roll, or a signature tempura platter with prawns and vegetable tempura.

  1. Red Spice
    Destination: Kowloon, Hongkong

Image from Okada Manila

Hong Kong is a mecca of delicious dishes. Red Spice is bringing Hong Kong’s culinary experience to Okada Manila as you get to enjoy crispy noodles with mixed seafood, stir-fried pork belly with bell pepper in honey sauce, and steamed egg with assorted seafood and crab roe. Imagine yourself walking along the streets of Kowloon and enjoying not just the sights, but the food as well.

  1. Lobby Lounge and the Pastry Shop
    Destination: Europe

Lobby Lounge
Image from Okada Manila

Europe is such a dream for most Filipinos. But while you are still saving up for that European trip, have a taste of their delectable choices in Lobby Lounge and The Pastry Shop as they fill your afternoon with tea, artisan sandwiches, baked raisin scones, and plain scones, assorted mini cakes and pastries. All these available from December 18 to December 25. Come New Year, enjoy a platter of either jamon iberico with manchego or a selection of cheese platters, paired with local beer, wine, cocktails, or mocktails.

  1. Goryeo Korean Dining
    Destination: Seoul, Korea

Image from Okada Manila

Ahh, Korea. The Land of the Morning Calm, K-pop, and most especially delectable dishes. This holiday season, Goryeo is offering the Ultimate 8 Samgyeopsal, a set of eight samgyeopsal flavors good for three to five people. The set also includes kimchi mandu, jeongol (spicy dumpling soup), and gyeran jjim (Korean steamed egg).

  1. Japanese Kappou Imamura
    Destination: Shinjuku, Japan

Japanese Kappou Imamura
Image from Okada Manila

Modern Japanese cuisines is Kappou Imamura’s specialty. Michelin-starred Chef Hirofumi Imamura fused Japanese delicacies with modern elements. Aside from that, Chef Imamura is also a certified Sake Sommelier and because of that, you can be assured to enjoy an authentic Japanese meal. Enjoy masterful kaiseki meal with flash-smoked seasonal fish salad, sake-simmered live lobster in season vegetable thick sauce, and charcoal-grilled seasonal fish soup in ichiban dashi.

  1. Ginza Nagaoka
    Destination: Tokyo, Japan

Ginza Nagaoka
Image from Okada Manila

Chef Junji Nagaoka, a full-fledged fugu chef promises nothing but the best hand-pressed sushi and sashimi to his ten-seat sushi bar. On top of that, feast your tastebuds with an authentic omakase topped off with authentic sake.

  1. Kiapo
    Destination: Manila, Philippines

Image from Okada Manila

Of course, what is a Filipino christmas noche buena without the traditional Filipino food? Kiapo offers a Noche Buena set and Simbang Gabi set which can be enjoyed by six people. Let the taste of crispy pata, grilled tuna belly with manggang hilaw, pata humba, pakbet, inihaw na baboy, ginataang halo-halo fill your night of family bonding and celebration.

  1. Medley Buffet
    Destination: When you can’t decide where to go

Medley Buffet
Image from Okada Manila

Lastly, for those of us who simply cannot be restricted to just one type of cuisine, Medley Buffet is here to solve this dilemma. Medley assures you that you can choose from a variety of dishes from different parts of the globe.

What is a Christmas celebration without the cheer brought by good food? With Okada Manila’s variety of options, you are in for a truly jolly Christmas celebration with the people you love the most.

Get your tables ready for the holidays and call 555-5799 or email restaurantreservation@okadamanila.com for holiday reservations.

For more infomation, visit www.okadamanila.com, like them on facebook.com/OkadaManilaPH, and follow @okadamanila on Instagram and Twitter.

Visit @thefoodadvenchers on Instagram and Facebook for more travel and food advenchers.


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