6 Bestsellers at Templo Modern Szechuan Fusion

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55 Dapitan corner D. Tuazon,
Sta. Mesa Heights, Quezon City
Contact numbers: 244- 7640/ 09260626228
Instagram: Templó
Facebook: Templó

(@thefoodadvenchers) Are you Chinese food lovers like us? Do you crave at every hakaw, siomai, soup your eyes lay upon? If you answered yes to all those questions, then this post is for you. If you answered no, then spend a few minutes of your time and be greeted by the glorious bestsellers that Templo Restaurant has to offer.


Templo is a small modern Szechuan fusion restaurant located in Dapitan, Quezon City. The place is small and cozy but their menu is expansive. We got to try six of their bestsellers which definitely did not disappoint.

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Yin Yang Fried Rice (265 php)

First on the list is their Yin Yang fried rice. We didn’t think it was fried rice when it was first served to us because of its unique appearance. But as we dig the spoon further in the plate, that’s where we saw the rice hiding underneath the contrasting colours, much like the yin and yang, of their flavourful sauce.

Halibut Chong Qing Style Soup (485 php)

Next on our list is their Halibut Chong Qing Style soup. I know it’s a mouthful to say, so for the sake of us who are not Chinese, this literally translates to Spicy Grilled Soup. One sip from their soup is enough to excite your taste buds because of the mixture of the halibut, pepper, and spices in one serving.

Then, we had their famous, Emperor’s Secret Soup. Feel like a royalty as you take in the numerous ingredients of this soup such as mushroom, ginseng, etc. According to Templo, this secret soup has 5x more zinc than your usual Soup #5.

Emperor’s Secret Soup (335 php solo, 865 php group)

Their pork intestine in chili oil is so spicy (in a good way), you’ll literally forget where you came from. Level up your “isaw” game with this dish! Best paired with the yin and yang fried rice and you are in for a gastronomic ride. While we enjoyed the extremely spicy flavors of Templo’s dishes, note that the spice level can be adjusted upon request.

Pork intestine in chili oil (265 php)

When we think of Chinese food, we think of hakaws and dumplings. This hakaw may look dark on the outside but do not be fooled. The black coating is squid ink and the strips of gold are actually edible gold.  Overall, this Golden Squid Ink Hakaw is something that you should not miss out on!

Golden Squid Ink Hakaw (155 php)

Last but not the least, what is a Chinese restaurant without a serving of duck? This Szechuan Native Duck is probably one of the highlights of our Templo food crawl. The duck is so tender, soaked in one of the most flavourful sauces we’ve ever tasted.

Szechuan Native Duck (485 php)

These are just six of the long list of Templo’s best sellers. Go ahead and pay them a visit at Dapitan in Quezon City. This fusion restaurant is surely a must-try!


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