5 Reasons to Love Yoshimeatsu Yakiniku Restaurant

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(@thefoodadvenchers) With the influx of grilling restaurants popping in and out of the Metro, how do we get to decide where to go, when every choice seems to be so palatable anyway? As for us, we always go for two basic things: variety and quality of meat.

Yoshimeatsu Yakiniku Restaurant in Tomas Morato satisfied and even exceeded our expectations. Allow us to share with you our top five reasons for loving this food advencher.

Yakiniku Restaurant
258 Tomas Morato Ave., Quezon City, Philippines


  1. It caters to all kinds of eaters. Are you a pork person? Check! Do you prefer beef Great! Do you like it just plain and salted? You got it! Are you the type to enjoy marinated meat? Say no more fam! Yoshimeatsu has numerous meats to choose from and for the price of 549 php, you get more than what you signed up for. They also have premium packages for the more sophisticated diners.

2. There is a wide array of side dishes and drinks. See those mouth-watering california maki? What about those kani and ebi tempura on the side? These sides are actually part of the spread that you get to enjoy in Yoshimeatsu. Upon sitting down, customers are greeted by the sight of these Japanese goodies. But wait! That’s not the best part yet. In the same way that their meat is unlimited, these california maki, tempura, soup, etc. are also unlimited. Do we hear that stomach grumbling right now?

Don’t miss out on their lineup of drinks too. These are sold separately and not part of the unlimited deal.



3. They serve premium, high quality meat. Of course, what will complete every yakiniku experience is the quality of meat that you feed into your mouth, stomach, and eventually your soul. Yoshimeatsu makes sure that your yakiniku experience is one that you will never forget as they serve you nothing but the freshest meat. Firm, juicy, tender–we are running out of adjectives just thinking about the words that will best describe the quality of their meat. Just know that Yoshimeatsu did not just simply ‘meat’ our expectations, but exceeded them.





4. They have entrails on their meat selection. Intestines and livers–Ahhh, two of our favorite things in the world. But in unlimited quantities? Life just got on a whole new level of bliss.



5. Their cheese + egg + cooked kimchi is to die for. Now, you’ve got various premium quality meat, a wonderful selection of sides and drinks. If you think you’ve got the recipe for a perfect yakiniku experience, Yoshimeatsu is here to step up your game with their egg and cheese combo. Think of their tender and flavourful meat all wrapped up in gooey cheese waiting for you to devour it with all your might. Ahhhh, sweet dreams are really made of ‘cheese’. 




If you’re looking for a different and a more fulfilling grilling experience, then Yoshimeatsu Yakiniku in Tomas Morato should be on your list. With the quality of meat, and a wide selection, customer satisfaction is truly one bite away.

Thank you very much to the attentive, energetic, and vibrant staff and crew of  Yoshimeatsu Yakiniku for treating us to this food advencher!

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