Trattoria La Piazzetta: Italian Dining in Makati

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[@thefoodadvenchers] Pizza, pasta, gelato–Italians must have done something great in their lives to be blessed with a resplendent array of mouthwatering dishes. Truly rich in class and culture, Italy is that one country everyone has on their bucket list. Who does not dream of soaking up in a villa by the sea in Amalfi? Or walking through cobbled streets in Rome? Or riding your bicycle through lush greenery in Crema? But while you are still saving up for that much coveted ‘Under the Tuscan Sun ala Diane Lane’ inspired vacation, Trattoria la Piazetta in Rockwell, Makati is here to make your Italian gastronomic adventures come to life.

Trattoria, when translated in English, means an eating establishment that is less formal than a ‘ristorante’. Truly living up to its name of providing its patrons their much needed comfort and appetizing dining experience, La Trattoria is something you should experience for yourself.

But of course, more than the ambiance, it is the food that truly makes one’s experience memorable. We were lucky enough to have tasted some of their best-sellers, which are as follows:



First on our plate is their lamb chops. It’s our first time eating lamb chops and to be honest, we were not really expecting much. However, what we loved about La Trattoria’s lamb chops is how fresh and tender they are. Our former student, Isabelle, who is very much a fan of lamb meat, could not stop gushing about how good La Trattoria’s are. What probably made it a winner is also the surrounding side dish such as the saute spinach, roasted potato, and the peperonata zuchini. It’s our first time tasting lamb chops, but thanks to La Trattoria, this wouldn’t be the last.



Black is basic, they usually say. But do not let the monotony of this dish fool you. Cooked aglio olio style, the simplicity of the pasta complemented well with the taste of the crab meat and the sunny side up egg. Light and breezy. Perfect and easy. These are probably some of the best words to describe this dish. One trick that we learned while eating the dish is to squeeze in a bit of lemon juice into the pasta for more taste. The dish is a testament to the adage, ‘simplicity is beauty.’



It truly is a handful to say, but this is one of the highlights of this dining experience. Five pieces of substantial king prawns, which are all freshly-grilled, will greet and tempt you.


Our advice? Give in to the temptation and let these prawns make you imagine the azure coasts of Amalfi on a slow and steady Italian afternoon.



Delizioso is an understatement to describe their pizza. One of the restaurant owners, Roberto, was generous and kind enough to specify to us how Neapolitan pizza is very much different from the pizza that we Filipinos have been accustomed to. For the longest time, we have seen how pizzas evolve from plain and simple to grand and festive. Toppings of various shapes and sizes dominate the pizza crust and while we revel in the feeling, La Trattoria would want to go back to the basics.


Take this one for example. Although you only see cheese and pepperoni as its topping, do not be easily fooled. These two ingredients, plus the perfectly cooked crust inside the brick wooden oven, are enough to give you an ultimate and legit Italian pizza experience.



To cap off a wonderful dining experience, they served us this mango panacotta, which did not disappoint. Light and tasty, this is definitely the best way to end a fine Italian dining experience.

This restaurant also serves quality yet affordable wines and beers. Check out their menu for their price list.



If you are around the area, make sure to drop by their place and experience Italian dining at its finest. That afternoon went by quickly. With the amicable service of its staff and the warm welcome of Roberto, La Trattoria Piazetta is one of those dining experiences we shall never forget.



Thank you La Trattoria la Piazetta for bringing the Italian vibe closer to the palates of Filipinos. “Mangiare per vivere e non vivere per mangiare.” (Eat to live, don’t live to eat)

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