Choobi Choobi: Lingaw Lingaw Kaon!

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Oslob, Kawasan, Bantayan are many of the reasons
why one should visit Cebu throughout the seasons.
Warm smiles, pristine beaches and delectable food
are but enough to excite one’s senses and mood.

But if the Queen City of South still sounds like a distant plan,
because of work and responsibilities weighing you down like a madman,
Choobi Choobi awaits every hungry Juan,
who is itching to try the Cebuano culture, and just everything under the sun.
Scrumptious selection of Filipino seafood dishes await,
tempting, luring and inviting you and possibly your date.

 Choobi Choobi
102 Panay Ave, Diliman, Quezon City
(02) 372 2654
Opening Hours: 11AM–2PM, 4–11PMimg_4775Tucked beneath the heart of Quezon City, Choobi Choobi with its bright interiors, illuminates and radiates its presence in the sea of restaurants in Panay Avenue in Quezon City.img_4772The well-lit, cozy and spacious ambiance and homey feel are just the first few things why Choobi Choobi seems to be a crowd favorite. Upon entering, you’d be greeted by the warmest of staff and crew, offering not just good food, but a hearty service as well.img_4777img_4763img_4753img_4758img_4756img_4778img_4781img_4867img_4873

One glance at the menu and you’d feel dizzy. It is overwhelming! As seafood aficionados, we went ballistic at the thought of trying out all the best tasting seafood dishes that Choobi Choobi has to offer.

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img_4926It gave us the image of a great summer’s day by the beach, the waves crashing against the shore, the smell of sunblock mixing with the salty air, all while we enjoy the fresh seafood the talented Filipino boatmen have cooked for us.

With that said, these were the dishes that made it to our honor roll:

Choobi Pata

A crowd favorite, this crispy pata is one to die for! The crispy pata stayed true to its name. Even if exposed in the frigid room, it stayed as crispy as it was when it was freshly cooked. The meat too, stayed tender despite being exposed to open air. It was such a great sight to behold how the meat, little by little started to fall off the bones of the pork knuckles.img_4787img_4862

Pork Barbeque

At one glance, you’d think that this pork barbecue is an ordinary one. However, one bite tells you otherwise. We are not exaggerating when we say that this is one of the best tasting pork barbecues out there. Apart from its tender meat, what we love about it is how flavorful the marinade of the barbecue is. Despite being exposed for a couple of minutes, it was able to retain its sweet and flavorful taste.img_4785img_4861

Utan Bisaya

Utan Bisaya is Cebu’s soup of mixed native vegetables. Although looking really plain and ordinary, the soup is filled with lots of flavors. One sip from the soup transports you back to your lovely houses in wide open spaces in the province. Utan Bisaya gives you the experience of conjuring images of a lovely provincial life, filled with nothing but a serene atmosphere and a laid back life.

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Cha tao miao

Chao tao miao is Choobi Choobi’s version of sprouts. Do not be deceived by the looks of this dish. Children might find it unattractive, but what the dish lacked in its appearance, it definitely made up for its taste. These snow pea stir fried sprouts had the right amount of crunch and the flavors and taste of nanay’s or lola’s home-cooked meals. img_4791img_4800

Patrick Star’s Baked Scallops

These fresh scallops topped with butter, cheese and garlic are a sure fire way to fall in love with seafood. The flavors of butter, cheese and garlic with the scallops are powerful enough to make your Choobi Choobi eating experience memorable.img_4869dscf9316

Stan’s Fried Black Pepper Shrimp

These deep fried shrimps sprinkled with black pepper sauce are the bomb! For one, the shrimps are so fresh and big in size. Second, the garlic, butter and black pepper on the shrimps seep and linger into your every taste bud. They don’t wage war with each other, but instead help each other achieve a unifying, unforgettable taste in your mouth. If these things are not enough to convince you, we don’t know what will.img_4935img_4936img_4940

Shrimp in a Bag

For shrimp in a bag, one would have the option to try whichever flavor appeals to their senses. For us, we chose butter garlic but choices such as sautéed in garlic, spicy gata and whole choobang are also available. You could also choose the level of spiciness depending on your preference. We chose mild, as this is our first time trying this dish. The garlic and butter are on point. The flavor is so rich that the butter and garlic permeate into every shrimp evenly and generously. The garlic and butter could be a viand on its own, and the shrimp is like an added bonus. The shrimps are so fresh that it’s way too easy to remove their skin. Unlike others, it doesn’t take much effort to remove the skin to be able to enjoy the goodness of this dish. Thus, implying that the shrimps are really fresh from the serene waters of Cebu City in the Philippines.dscf9295img_4860img_4942

The Golden Pompano

Dubbed as the king of fish, the golden pompano can be cooked in three different ways depending on your choice. You could have it grilled, steamed in soy sauce or pinaksiw (inun-unan). We chose grilled so we could have a feel of the island hopping experience we usually have every summer. This fish did not disappoint. As we took our first bite, the freshness of the fish exploded right before our tongues and mouths. Big enough for five people, the golden pompano is indeed the kings of kings.img_4877

Stuffed Grilled Squid

Stuffed with black rice, the stuffed grilled squid is also a favorite of ours. Usually squid that has been exposed for too long will be rubbery, but Choobi Choobi’s is not like the rest. Filled with flavor inside and outside, the stuffed grilled squid is easy to chew. The sauce on the other hand is a little bit sweet, which complements the rice seasoned in squid ink. The combination of the two is just perfect.img_4928

Pineapple Kale and Mango Basil Shake

What would be the perfect ending to all these mouthwatering seafood dishes? Of course, a glass of fresh, cold pineapple kale and mango basil shake will do the job. We love how the combination of the ingredients, although unfamiliar to us gave us the familiar feeling of satisfaction. It’s a good diversion to your usual shakes and drinks other restaurants offer.img_4783img_4782

Choobi Choobi

Food Taste                      A+
Ambience                       A+
Price                                 A+
Customer Service         A+

Overall Rating: Summing up all the criteria above, we’d give this
food advencher a grade of


Don’t feel bad if you can’t visit Cebu yet,
Choobi Choobi is just here in Manila, don’t forget!
Giving you a taste of lovely and endearing Cebu,
Go on and try it out with your boo.

Of course, this food advencher would not be as special as it was if not for the very accommodating staff and crew of Choobi Choobi Panay. Special thanks to Elaine, who was more than gracious and warm enough on our visit.img_4780img_4868

*For more updates about the latest happening, go ahead and take a tour of Choobi Choobi     at Facebook and Instagram.

*You may also check out Choobi Choobi’s other branches:

SM Manila                       (02) 377-2654
SM Sta Rosa                    (02) 576-4191
SM Southmall                (02) 815-7703
Ayala Mall Legaspi       (02) 201- 0422
SM Baliwag                     (02) 308-4227
SM Dasmariñas             (046) 541-3375

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