we’ve heard tons and dozens of tales about the east
including stories of how grand they hold a feast
it would be magical to have a taste of every bit
but traveling to the Middle East, we just think we can’t commit
but good food will always have a way of finding a hungry soul,
to Beiruti Bite Express off we go, even without payroll

Beiruti Bite Express
Ground Floor, Market! Market!, BGC, Taguig City
10:00 am – 9:00 pm (mall hours)

Located in a very unassuming corner of the ground floor of Market! Market!,  Beiruti Bite Express is easy to spot in a sea of other kiosks in the area.


With its design teeming with Lebanese culture and posters, one would not miss the message that the kiosk specializes in middle eastern Lebanese food.

The same owners of Beiruti in Panay Ave. in Quezon City came up with the idea of this small kiosk in Market! Market!. Wanting to concentrate more on this new venture, Beiruti Bite just opened a few months ago to cater to those foodies down south who have an insatiable knack for middle eastern food.


There weren’t a lot of things to choose from in the menu because the place is really small. However, Beiruti Bite Express upholds the classic adage “quality over quantity”.  They are a living proof that less is actually more!


Thanks to May and Troy of @whattoeatph, we had the privilege of trying out some of the food on their menu.

(L-R) Teachers Bee and Jovie of @thefoodadvenchers and May and Troy of @whattoeatph

These were the food items that made it to our honor roll.

Shawarma Beef Rice

This is beef served with rice, vegetables, and tahini paste on the side. The generous serving can actually be for 1-2 pax.


Beiruti Bite Express Shawarma Beef Rice

Beef Shawarma

As fans of shawarma, we really got excited when we learned that Saad, the owner, uses only high grade beef and chicken products. According to Saad, he wanted to preserve the authenticity of the taste of beef in the Middle East.

(L-R) Beiruti Bite Express Beef and Chicken Shawarma

At first bite, the beef shawarma of Beiruti Bite Express is noticeably way different than other typical shawarma variants that you buy elsewhere in the Philippines. It’s unbelievably tender but the flavor isn’t compromised.

Beiruti Bite Express Beef Shawarma

You could also taste the presence of every spice added to the dish and gives it a highly Mediterranean vibe and not ”Filipino” as what we usually taste in most shawarmas in the Philippines.


The pita bread is also something to be noted. It’s fresh and upon ordering, you would see that the staff would torch it for you so it remains its freshness and flavor.


Again, this is done as to the request of Saad, so the Filipinos could have a taste of what authentic shawarma is.

According to him, the typical way of Filipinos cooking the pita bread in the grill is something that he doesn’t want to do because for one, it removes the flavors of the shawarma. It is also somewhat dangerous because the when cooked on the grill, the burnt particles are absorbed by the pita bread, making it unhealthy to digest.

Chicken Shawarma

If you’re not into beef, you have the option to try chicken shawarma. At first, we were a bit apprehensive to try this because for us, it destroys its essence and identity of being a shawarma. However, we were thankful that we became adventurous with our shawarma this time because the chicken shawarma was worth trying!

It’s as tender and as flavorful as the beef shawarma and somehow, it didn’t feel wrong that chicken was served on a fresh pita bread.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Beiruti Bite Express Chicken Shawarma

Both beef and chicken shawarma could come in three different sizes depending on your level of starvation.

(L-R) Sizes: Regular, Titan, Challenger

The two of us from @thefoodavenchers actually split up in our choices of personal favorites. I personally liked the beef shawarma more whereas Teacher Bee enjoyed the chicken shawarma. Well, it is up to you to try and judge for yourselves.

Beef Saj (Lahme B Ajine) and Cheese Saj

This was one of the products in their menu in which the staff and the owner were really passionate to talk about. They said it’s one of their best sellers and customers really go back to their kiosk mostly for this one.


It’s a plain-looking dish. It looks unassuming, nothing fancy on the outside, no intricate plating or whatsoever. But the dish’s lack of outside appearance, the taste wholly made up for.  The simplicity of this dish was what made it really remarkable.

This is Beiruti Bite Express’ version of quesadilla. You have the option to add beef on top of it, depending on your taste preference.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Beiruti Bite Express Beef Saj

If you wish to be more adventurous and experimental on your food, you may choose to dip it in the hummus lovingly prepared by the staff of Beiruti Bite Express.

Beiruti Bite Express Hummos

Turkish Coffee

Of course, the perfect way to down all these middle eastern goodies? Turkish coffee!



Food Taste                      A
Ambience                       A
Price                                 A+
Customer Service         A+

Overall Rating: Summing up all the criteria above, we’d give this food advencher a grade of


Special mention to the accommodating staff of Beiruti Express who served us with all smiles and happy hearts, not to mention their game faces on when it comes to taking selfies with the food items.


the next time you dream of the Middle East 
don’t pack your bags just yet and leave your nest
we suggest you run to Beiruti Bit Express first
and satisfy that Lebanese food thirst

*For more updates about the latest happening, go ahead and take a tour of Beiruti Bite       Express at Facebook and Instagram.

*For the latest food reviews and recommendations, like and follow us @thefoodadvenchers.

*Special thanks to whattoeatph for the collaboration.


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