Megawatt: Pizza.Chicken.Burrito

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If at the end of the day
you find yourself filled with grey,
and you just wanna blow your fuse up-
Head over to this place with your little pup,
Megawatt is ready to rev your engines up!
Their food will recharge any brownout soul,
amplifying your mood with that much needed joule-
and no, they won’t short-circuit you,
cause good food awaits to zap you through and through.

A, 41 N Domingo St, Quezon City, 1112 Metro Manila
501 2987
Mon- Sat 11:00 am-9:30 pm
Sun 9:00 am – 9:30 pm

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Blending in with the background of a local auto station and carwash, Megawatt’s façade is easy to dismiss off as part of the background. But upon closer look at their sign, one would see three very familiar words enough to send foodies alert on their toes: PIZZA-CHICKEN-BURRITO. A very tempting offer to one whose battery life is draining after a hard day’s work.

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Located in Quezon City, near the San Juan-Quezon City border, Megawatt indeed lives up to its promise of delivering customers with an electrifying eating experience.

What the restaurant lacked in space, it made up to its power plant theme and great menu.The interior is filled with everything related to electricity, power and energy. You’d feel as if you’re transported back into your Physics class years ago with the sight of all sorts of  scientific terms everywhere.

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You will surely be amazed at the electricity concept of the entire restaurant. Just look at those solar panel tables!

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Even their signs scream of everything electricity and power plant related!



But apart from the place’s ability to generate this creativity in its interior, it also channeled and supplied the same powerful creativity with their food.

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While waiting for your order, you might want to check out their shelves filled with toys and other stuff that are for sale.

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But of course, as with our other food advenchers, our real mission is to taste and rate their food. Here are our top picks:


Chunky Angus Tapa (268php)
(an order comes with a cup of garlic rice, two eggs and papaya relish)

The generous serving of the angus beef together with the undeniable tenderness and flavor somehow justifies the price of this dish. The angus beef is cooked at a very tender way, yet the flavor is not compromised. Marinated at the right level without going overboard with the saltiness, this dish is perfect to liven up your appetite.

Final Grade: A+



Chicken and Waffles (175php)
(two pieces of chicken + gravy and two pieces of waffles)

I don’t know about Megawatt but the two pieces of chicken  that come together with the waffles are really gigantic! Intensely crispy and cooked to a perfect golden brown color, you’d think King Midas touched these chix! Kidding aside, the two pieces of chicken can actually fill two people. Though a little bit bland for our taste, Megawatt’s gravy can somehow make up to that. The waffles, albeit large in serving can still be improved by having a more flavorful batter. It appeared a little bit plain on our end.

Final Grade: B+


Sausage and Bacon (263 php)
(an order comes with two sausages and two strips of bacon, two eggs and one cup of garlic rice)

Being huge fans of breakfast; that is bacons and sausages, this is the dish we are most excited to try. Personally, we like our bacon crispy. The one they serve here in Megawatt isn’t. But what it lacks for its crisp, it somehow made up to its flavor. It is well-seasoned, lean, and not salty. Removing all bias aside, this is a really good plot twist to the mundane bacon experience we are all used to.

The sausage, on the other hand was a different story. Two large pieces of sausages filled our plate. The sausages tasted really fresh and juicy. It had a little bit of sweetness in it, which was a perfect match to the eggs and bacon.

Final Grade: B+



Pineapple Express (285php)

Being one of their specialties, there is no way in the world that we would not try their famous pizza. Crispy and thin, a bite of a pizza slice electrocutes you with an ampere of flavors. Although there are only two main ingredients in this flavor of pizza, the pineapples and tidbits of ham mix really well with the perfect crust of the pizza along with its gustatory sauce.

Final Grade: A+


Breakfast Longganisa Burrito (208 php)

A Filipino twist to the famous Mexican burrito, this dish didn’t disappoint. Overflowing with a mix of ingredients, the burrito’s  presence could not be denied. Although it was given a Filipino twist through the longganisa, the burrito didn’t suffer an existential crisis and still managed to retain its tangy flavor.

Be sure to share an order with a friend because the girth of this burrito is more than what one mouth can handle.

Final Grade: A



Strawberry Milkshake (158php)

Creatively poured in a bulb-shaped container, the strawberry milkshake is the perfect way to drown all those flavors that seemed to be power tripping in your mouth. At 158php, the strawberry milkshake lives up to its standards. There isn’t anything extraordinary in it apart from the fact that it’s served in this quirky container.

Final Grade: B


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Electrified Snickers (138php)

Giddy at the sound of snickers, we ordered this dessert in the hopes of finding a match for fried oreos. If we got their concept right, the electrified snickers seem to be a spin-off to the famous Fiipino turon (banana fritters) as it’s wrapped in lumpia wrapper, filled with snickers and fried to perfection. Although it’s really creative of them, we just find the electrified snickers a little bit awkward. The lumpia wrapper didn’t really match with the flavor of the snickers.

Final Grade: C


True to their word, Megawatt gave us an electrifying eating experience. A surge of goodness flowed right through us as we finished eating.

Overall, we’d give this food advencher a grade of A.

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Special shoutout to the dynamic and warm staff of Megawatt!



If at the end of the day,
you find yourself feeling gray
Megawatt’s menu is here to stay
sending you voltages of good vibes all the way!


If you want learn more about Megawatt, feel free to visit their Facebook page for more updates.

Also, don’t forget to drop by our Instagram page to learn more about the latest in the food scene in and out of the Metro!

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