Sunday morning driving
can be made really eggciting!
Ya tired of your usual Metro brekky space?
Why don’t ya head over to this coveted place,
somewhere in Antipolo is your solace
nearly a 30-minute drive from Manila,
Eggs for Breakfast will give you a new thrilla.
Do me a favor will ya?
Visit their place cause their dishes are a killa! 

Velada Estate, 21 Don Juan St. Villa Cecilia Subdivision, Antipolo
(02) 213-2434
Monday-Sunday: 7am-5pm

Eggs for Breakfast Cafe is a garden- themed restaurant located just a stone’s throw away from the hustle and bustle of the Metro. In case you’re tired of your usual eatinerary in BGC, Makati, and nearby places, Eggs for Breakfast Cafe will give you that fresh dining experience.

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Serving all-day Filipino, American and even English breakfast, this genius of a restaurant promises to complete and satisfy your cravings at any given time of the day.

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The roster of sumptuous dishes on their menu will surely drive any breakfast person crazy!

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Here are our top picks:

One Pan Breakfast (470php)

This is EFB’s version of an English breakfast. On the plate are two juicy and tender hungarian sausages cooked to perfection, two generous slabs of honey cured bacon, two eggs of your choice, a substantial amount of baked beans, roasted potatoes and three pieces of shitake mushroom.

Best features:
-slabs of honey cured bacon with just the right amount of salt and seasoning
-well-seasoned hungarian sausages-really soft and juicy
-freedom to choose how you want your eggs done

Room for improvement:
-pretty much nothing

Report card rating: A+ 


Deconstructed Hash Brown (190php)

EFB’s deconstructed hash brown did not disappoint! One order is replete with the fusion of well-seasoned potatoes and slices of bacon. It’s such a fancy twist to your usual hash brown.

Best features:

-unique presentation as it’s not your usual boring hash brown
-comes with two cracked eggs  (not shown in the photo) cooked on the sizzling pot

Room for improvement:
-more deconstructing ideas like exploring other meat/veggies as alternative for the bacon bits

Report card rating: A 


French Toast with Berries (240php)

Prepare yourself for this dish as it comes with two large french toasts dusted with powdered sugar. Not only that, it is also served with your choice of fruit jam and whipped cream on the side.

Best features:

-two large french toasts that will really fill you up
-good for sharing
-combination of the flavors of jam, whipped cream and berries that will explode in your mouth

Room for improvement:
-option to switch whipped cream to ice cream to give contrast to the hotness of the french toasts and the coldness of the ice cream

Report card rating: A 


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Berries and Cherries Smoothie (170php)

EFB’s Berries and Cherries Smoothie  completes the total breakfast package! Made from cranberry juice, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries and maraschino cherries, this smoothie leaves you with a “berry” satisfying eating experience like no other!

Best features:

-great idea of mixing various berries rolled into one smoothie
-healthy alternative to your usual fruit shake

Room for improvement:
-texture of the smoothie isn’t that smooth after all; best to filter the solid particles

Report card rating: A


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Processed with VSCO with 6 preset

*Special thanks to the friendly and accommodating staff of Eggs for Breakfast Cafe! SML for everyone! 


Overall, we’d give this food advencher a rating of A.

Thank you Eggs for Breakfast Cafe!
You gave us a really good day
You’re one of the best if we may say
Keep up the good work, okay?


Visit Eggs for Breakfast’s  Facebook and Instagram account for more updates.

Don’t forget to visit us too, at for more food recos and reviews.



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One Reply to “Eggs for Breakfast Cafe”

  1. Was this yesterday? Let me share my experience too.

    September 5, 2016, around 9AM, me and my mom decided to have breakfast at Eggs for Breakfast (Antipolo) after paying our Meralco bill. Mom drove the car from Meralco (Sumulong branch) to the resto since it’s just 5-mins away. We parked at the designated slots of the resto (gated lot) with driver/parking assistant staff. We ordered but while waiting for our food, mom remembered that she failed to lock the car – but all doors were “closed” properly, that we’re sure of. She wanted to walk back to the car but I volunteered since she has knee problems. I ran back to the car but saw the parking assistant himself, half of his body bent inside the passenger’s seat of my car, looking over and touching my things. I left my MK bag with some cash at the floor of the passenger’s seat, mom’s tablet beside the handbreak and cellphone at the small space infront of the gear. I called his attention at first but he didn’t hear me because he was too busy going over my things. The next time I called his attention, I asked loudly “Bakit mo pinapakialaman gamit ko sa kotse?!” then he responded “kasi nakabukas e”. I took my bag, the tablet and the cellphone, locked the doors and went back to the resto because I was shaking and I dont want to see his face. I confirmed with the cashier if the person outside named Danny is their staff. The cashier said yes, he is the driver and he is sometimes incharge of the parking space. The cashier called their manager/owner to speak with my mom and their initial reaction was “May nawala po ba?”, my mom said something like – “Natural walang nawala, nahuli sya nung anak ko e.”. Initially, the manager was defending the act that their parking assistant may open/lock the car doors if needed – which is totally wrong. He could have called our attention to lock it or just plainly guard it since he is employed to do JUST that. When I spoke with my friend/lawyer, he said we can file legal charges against the person and the resto too, I spoke with the manager and told her about it. Then she backed down and said we may file blotter against the person (ofcourse), but why will their restaurant be included. I simply said because he is your employee and it looks like you are defending his act. I took a picture of the person’s driver’s license and went to the police station to report the incident.

    We were escorted back by a police officer and barangay representative to the resto and when we got there, we were told that the person (accompanied by another staff) already followed us to submit himself. We called the police station and they confirmed that Danny was already held there.

    At the police station, we were asked to talk again but same at the resto, Danny seems very firm that he just saw the doors open (impossible!). I asked why he was going over my things, he said “may tinitignan lang ako”. The police/investigator rebutted and said “Ilang taon ka na, 37, mas matanda ako sayo pero ginagawa mo naman akong tanga. Binuksan mo yun kasi balak mong magnakaw.”. Danny insisted otherwise. He’s saying sorry that he opened the car but he was firm that he’s not trying to steal anything. When he was brought inside the cell, the complaint report was finished, a lot of people came over for him. The mother of the resto owner, the step son, a girl and the wife. The step son was saying sorry and the mom of the resto owner was saying sorry too on behalf of the person but my mom told them, “Lahat kayo nagsosorry at nagmamakaawa, e yung mismong tao di nya inaamin ginawa nya. Di nya alam na mali ang ginawa nya.”.

    All ended at the Antipolo’s Office of the Prosecutor where we were asked to talk again, Danny was very sorry this time (even kneeled in front of me) but still NOT admitting that he was trying to steal something. He said “may tinitignan lang daw sya.”.

    Now I’m wondering, how many cars have been opened in the past by this Danny. Is he trying to take his chance at every parked vehicle hoping it’s not locked. I’m sure we’re not the very first person who forgot to lock a car. Did they all accept his sorry that’s why he has clean record, or has never been caught/reported. He’s been an employee of this company for 2 years (according to him).

    Most restaurants have this note at their parking lots – WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSS. So, if their parking assistant/employee assigned to watch over the cars parked at their place, was the one opening the unlocked cars (caught in the act), should they still not be responsible for it?


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